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Our History

Washington County Hospital & Nursing Home

Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home (WCHNH) is a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital and an 88 bed Nursing Home operated as a Health Care Authority, located in Chatom, Alabama.

Washington County Health Care Authority receives a 2 mils ad valorem property tax which was originally implemented as a 4 mils tax in 1954. While the tax renewal is voted on every ten years and was scheduled to renew in October 2023, this was placed on the November 2020 ballot and was approved with 76.8% voting yes. WCHNH receives about $750,000 from this tax annually. The proceeds are used to fund capital needs and repairs.

The hospital has a long history serving this community since 1953 when the facility was originally constructed. On November 1, 2002, Washington County Hospital became the first hospital in Alabama to convert to a Critical Access Hospital status.

The nursing home opened in 1975 and underwent an expansion in 1981 and again in 2003. In 2017, a new porch was built for the nursing home residents to enjoy. In 2019, the Nursing Home began remodeling resident rooms. The nursing home was deficiency free on the June 2021 Alabama Department of Public Health Recertification, Infection Control, and Life Safety Surveys and maintains a five-star rating. In 2022 work was completed on the 7,080 square foot multipurpose building, Legacy Hall.

In 2021 work began on a 6,060 square foot “free standing” emergency room expansion which was completed in August 2022. This project was funded through a USDA loan.
In 2023, we moved Rehab back on campus and they are currently treating patients in the remodeled area of our old ER.

In March 2023, we began a Helipad project which was funded through a USDA grant. In December 2023, our new Helipad was approved by the FAA and Alabama Dept of Transportation (ALDOT) Aeronautics. It is located in front of the new free standing emergency department at Washington County Hospital. While we hope it is never needed, we are grateful to have it available to help as we work to fulfil our mission and vision of being the First-Choice provider in providing quality medical to the people of Washington County and surrounding communities.
In March 2022, a new 64-slice CT Scanner was added to replace the existing 16 slice scanner. The higher slice count reduces your scan time and produces better quality image resolution.

Washington County Hospital reopened the mammography program in 2016. In February 2023 we were able to purchase a 3D mammogram machine through a CDBG-CV grant. We also remodeled our Mammogram room to accommodate this new machine. We are proud to be able to provide same day service for a diagnostic mammograph which can aid in reducing the stress of the process. We are an ACR accredited facility. We have a great team at Washington County Hospital that works well together to provide the best imaging service possible. The mammography department has maintained deficiency free status since the re-opening on November 16, 2016.

WCHNH is committed to its mission to provide quality medical care with limitless compassion, professional excellence, and uncompromised integrity. With the continued support of The Health Care Authority Board, our outstanding medical staff, and employees, we will continue to work to move healthcare forward for our community.
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