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Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home Staff standing outside over the H where the hospital helicopter lands

Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home News

Helipad is Operational!

On December 13, 2023, our helipad that was constructed on our hospital campus was officially approved. On December 17, 2024, we made our first transfer via helicopter! Having this helipad on campus will save time. which will save LIVES! We can't wait to take our patient care to new heights!

Calcium Scoring is HERE!

We are excited to announce this new screening offered at Washington County Hospital and Nursing Home. A calcium score test is a CT (computed tomography) scan that looks at how much calcium is in your coronary arteries. Calcium in your heart's arteries can tell you if you have a buildup of a waxy, fatty substance (plaque) that can narrow or block them. THIS IS A SELF-PAY SERVICE.

Pay Your Bill Online!

With our recent website update, we added a very convenient and easier way to pay your bill online. This is safe, secure, and user-friendly feature. Once in the secure portal, you'll have the option for Care Credit or setup an Installment Plan.
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