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Medical Stabilization services aide those suffering from substance or alcohol withdrawals

February 19, 2018

Grayson County native Jessica Embry, B.S., is the Medical Stabilization program director.
Jessica Embry, B.S., Medical Stabilization Director, Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center

Here at Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center we are excited to offer a new service to our community, Medical Stabilization. Our Medical Stabilization services serve to aide those suffering from substance or alcohol withdrawals. Our caring and professional medical staff is committed to supporting you in the recovery process with the utmost respect and dignity. You will receive non-addictive medications to lessen withdrawal symptoms under 24-hour supervision of trained professionals.

The stabilization process typically lasts between 3-5 days depending on the severity of your addictions. During this time, the body rids itself of toxins while the symptoms are managed, greatly reducing the severity of symptoms and cravings. Combined with effective rehabilitation, success rates greatly increase and relapse in significantly reduced with medical substance withdrawal management.

Chronic pain is often an important issue associated with addiction. The TLRMC Medical Stabilization program will help people dealing with chronic pain through the use of non-narcotic medications and other proven medical options such as those offered by the Twin Lakes Pain Management Center proven to help break the cycle of pain. This, in turn, will enable patients to go through the recovery process.

Once your withdrawal symptoms become managed our program director will aide you in finding the follow-up services that best fit your needs. If you or a loved one are ready for medical stabilization, help begins with a phone call. Give us a call today and let our admissions specialist talk with you and answer any questions you may have, 270-200-4477.

"The Road to Recovery Starts Here."